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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So, the other morning on my way to the freeway ramp in Escondido, I spot a pretty two-door Maserati, and I really like Maseratis so I am enjoying that. But then I see the driver, WMA with longish grey hair, a floppy sort of rimmed hat on, and holding a FLIP PHONE up to his ear in conversation. Never mind that it was not hands free, just that the sight of the flip phone in that beautiful Maserati did something weird to my head.

Ok, not a big deal, I know, but I promise you it was really funny when I saw it live. =D ciao!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Surreal drive in this morning

I know, I really shouldn't be working today. In fact, to stick to the total hours on my time card through the end of today (I had to turn my time card in early) I should really only work 2.5 hours today. I will likely work more, but I intend to try to get out of the office before it is too late.

On the way in the drive was somewhat surreal. The thing that stood out the most though was the car (a chrysler maybe?) that was painted all in tiger stripes. Not big broad stripes, but thinner ones. The Whole Darn Car. I didn't get a look at the interior, makes me wonder though. It just looked really odd. Added to the floaty sensation I kept having as I swooped through the corners.

Yeah, I definitely need to leave the office before too late. If only to go for a drive on the coast. It is a lovely day outside.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Smile pretty for the cameras...

In Escondido, there are a few red light cameras. I don't mind, especially since I understand how they work. In fact there is one that I have to stop at quite often, and I enjoy it when I am the first car in the lane, so that I can pull up just so and FLASH! off goes the camera. Of course I come to a complete stop, behind the limit line, but I trigger the camera.

They are set to trigger if you cross their sensors going a certain speed or above. This is only true for a Standing Red Light. Each intersection, probably each sensor, can have different speed thresholds set for triggering the cameras, the assumption being that you couldn't stop behind the limit line if you hit the sensor at that speed. The down side being that people can roll right through the red light as long as they are going under that speed threshold. I have seen this with people turning right at certain lights.

Seems like a pretty imperfect system to me, but they do on occasion catch some spectacular accidents on film. Big money maker though, nice fat fine. My advice? Stop behind the darn limit line (that is the first one if there is a crosswalk, btw, not the far line). I mean actually stop. Take a half second for the car to rock. Stop signs too, just bloody stop, it won't kill you or your car. Come on, have some guts.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

contact with a Mazerati
How fun, I saw the black Mazerati the other day, and the driver acknowledged me as he went by. I am surprised I noticed, since I am usually looking at the car, but this time the line of sight was perfect and we were looking right at each other.

I could tell he enjoys his car. That makes me smile. I hope he has as much fun as I do on those beautiful roads in RSF.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

I miss my Sunday drives
I have been working so much lately that I haven't gone on my typical Sunday drives for a couple of weeks now, instead I have actually gone into the office to work. sigh.

I miss cruising around the windy roads, although I do get lonely on those drives sometimes. They are calming though, and at least I am outside. Being here in this office is OK, I mean at least I have an office with a door. But driving is sooo much better.

Oh well, c'est la vie and all that. I will just have to try to make the best of my drive home, after all there shouldn't be many other people on Del Dios, I hope.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

please, learn to drive

Please, Oh Please Please Please, learn to drive. For example, when driving on a windy road, please do not slow excessively before the corner, and then also during the corner. Instead, try just letting up on the gas a little bit as you approach the corner to slow a bit. Approach from the outside edge of the corner and then dip in toward the apex, you will find you can go really quick and really smooth around some corners. Also how about just not braking in the middle of a corner, unless you absolutely have to.

As for accelerating, if you are in an automatic, I hope you are a natural driver, because otherwise I think it is a bit difficult to make up for the lack of control over the transmission. Otherwise, with a stick, don't shift too soon. I see it a lot, and it makes you lag. Wait until the RPMs are a little high for the gear you are in before you shift to the next. The gas pedal is the one on the right, don't be afraid to press it.

You could try double-clutching, if you have a manual transimission, but I don't want to go into that right now.

do I need a disclaimer? maybe, so here you go - don't do anything I say silly - I am not responsible if you do


No, Really, what is wrong with people?

Sometimes, no all the time, I just wonder what is the matter with people. For example, what gives with stopping a full car length back from the car in front of you when waiting at a light. Especially at a light that has limited space to wait at? It is just plain greedy.

I will say now that the space in front of you on the road, stopped or moving, is somewhat under your control. AT least with regards to the people behind you. Or to people waiting to turn on to the road, etc. If you keep too much space, for no good reason, it can be selfish. Think about it, and pull up!

Also, what is with the tiny amount of drizzle and light fog making the freeway STOP? Come on people, it is just a little water in the air. You won't melt, and even if you would, your car won't, so you are safe! Just be a bit more chilled, give a bit more space for buffer, and DRIVE!

All right, I am venting a bit, because I am sitting in the office (not billing for this time, so :P~~) looking at the traffic cams and wishing I didn't have to go home. I hate driving slow. I hate hate hate it. And I only have 10 miles on the 5N, I can't imagine if I took freeways the whole way home. YUCK.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

an open corridor

Today, a lovely thing happened on the way home. As I approached a key intersection, and traffic stacked up in the right and left lanes, I stuck to the middle, as usual. There were two cars ahead, and as I approached, lo and behold the first one broke right, and the one in front of me slowly broke left, just in time to leave an empty corridor, free and clear for at least a mile in front of me.

I didn't go tooooo fast, after all it was a city street, not the freeway. We won't mention how fast I hit on the freeway sometimes. Not for long usually, and I am oh so careful...but we won't get specific. I wouldn't ever go over the speed limit, of course...

Can you hear me smiling?